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Plain English Compliance.


Feeling overwhelmed by ongoing regulatory change?
We help small and medium size entities meet their regulatory obligations by providing simple and sustainable compliance solutions. 

Our Services

Licensing Projects



We work with financial service providers to ready their business for licensing, project manage the licensing application process 

and provide support during the 

assessment phase.

Compliance Reviews



Request a proposal for an independent compliance assurance review  to determine how compliant you are with meeting your regulatory obligations or conduct a deep dive on an aspect of your business.

AML/CFT Audits  

We have consultants qualified to conduct an audit or independent review for the purposes of meeting the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act (AML/CFT Act) requirements.

AML/CFT Assistance 



We assist new reporting entities become compliant with the AML/CFT Act. We can also help you to remedy issues identified during your audit and keep your risk assessment and programme up to date.

Templates and Manuals

Do you need to create a policy manual, professional standards manual or make sure you have compliant templates and tools? We will help you develop these for your business.

Consultancy services 

We provide bespoke consultancy services for a wide range of areas including governance, risk, conduct, compliance, policy frameworks, management coaching, specialist training etc. 

Compliance Assurance Programmes

We can develop and implement a customized compliance assurance programme for your business. We also provide periodic independent testing and monitoring of your controls and advise your risk and compliance committee.